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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." a domestic dispute turned deadly. the victim, a richmond police officer was shot by a man he knew, and now the police department is mourning one of their own. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. officer gus vegas was killed early this morning. he had been with the police department for 15 years, was well known in his community. the shooting happened at his home. police arrested the suspect, robert vega, a short time later in fairfield. laura anthony is live now from the shooting scene. laura? >> reporter: investigators are still here at the scene at gus
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vega's home. they are collecting evidence. he was a popular, dedicated officer who died here early this morning. one colleague believes likely defending his daughter and young grandson during a family dispute. just a short time ago, there was a full police escort as the coroner removed the body from his home. it was a somber procession to end a devastating day for the richmond police department after the murder of officer gus vegas in his home. >> the suspect was the father of gus' 6-year-old grandson. >> reporter: a domestic incident involving his daughter, a young grandson and the boy's father, suspect, robert vega. >> there were other family members present that witnessed the shooting. >> reporter: the police captain knew him well. >> probably trying to stabilize
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the situation and protect his daughter and just end the situation peacefully. >> reporter: the boy and the suspect were low kuwacated late fairfield. the 30-year-old vega was a 2011 graduate of the napa valley police academy. the same academy that vegas graduated from in 1990. his wife was also injured after the incident. the 58-year-old vegas was active in foster care, the community, and a devoted family man, with more than two dozen children and grandchildren. >> gus was a very likable, always pleasant, always in a good mood, just really related to other people in a natural way. i never saw him have a bad day or be in a bad mood. and we are stunned. we are saddened.
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>> reporter: laura anthony, "abc7 news." >> and this morning, we saw an officer lowering the flags to half staff outside the richmond police department. police also have black bands over their badges. officers said they're in shock and not ready to talk about their fallen officer. the richmond police officer's association posted a statement on facebook, writing we are hurting right now. rest in peace. please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. we have information on how to donate on our website, >> we're learning more about gus vegas, the man, not just the police officer and how much he gave back to his community. melanie woodrow spoke with people who knew him well and will bring that coming up at 5:00. richmond police also spent the day investigating a parking lot shooting. "abc7 news" was at hill top mall
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where there was a dispute between two groups of people. it appears to have started in a shoe store and spilled out into the parking lot. one group shot at the other group. no one was hurt or arrested. the autopsy on mario woods has just been released. >> and "abc7 news" just obtained a copy of the report. "abc7 news" anchor kristen sze is live in the newsroom with what it reveals. >> reporter: we just got it in-house, and this is the first look at the autopsy report on mario woods,s who was shot by san francisco police officers in december. the 26-year-old man from the bay view district suffered 19 shots to the back of his body and limbs, and he had a total of 21 gunshots. woods also had several types of drugs, meth, marijuana and two prescription medications.
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the fact that he died in a barrage of gunfire has prompted protests and even beyonce at the super bowl demanding justice for woods. again, we just got ahold of this. we'll be poring over the autopsy report and will bring you more details at 5:00. for now, i'm kristen sze, back to you. >> thank you. president obama has just landed in southern california after a whirl wind bay area visit. >> he was in town for a pair of fund-raisers in silicon valley. he left this afternoon for moffitt field. >> reporter: those who came to send the president off had to wait about three hours. they came here three hours before departure just to get through security but many said it was well worth the wait. as moffitt field, a crowd of well wishers gathered to catch a
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glimpse of the president. >> i don't feel like i have a lot of photography experience to be practicing photography skills on a subject as famous as the president of the united states. it's not something i would have ever imagined. >> reporter: just before 2:30 this afternoon, the motorcade came in and with it, a casual looking barack obama stepping out of the limo without a jacket. the crowd melted when the president took 3-month-old charlie into his arms. >> hopefully this can be a positive influence for him when he's older, he can use it as motivation, stay on the right track when he's a teenager. >> reporter: charlie's mom couldn't believe what's happening. >> whether you're a republican or democrat, to me the president of the united states is pretty awesome experience. >> reporter: 2-month-old callie also got in on the action. >> i wasn't expecting it. i thought maybe he would just
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walk by. when he took ahold of her, it was very special. >> reporter: president obama took what seemed like some extra time to say goodbye to the crowd, wrapping up a short trip to the bay area. president obama is apparently tired of the selfie. speaking to supporters in illinois before arriving in the bay area, the president said instead of taking hands and kissing babies, he's finding himself taking selfie after selfie after selfie with supporters. he jokingly said had the selfie been as prevalent in 2008 as it is today he might not have run for office. the raiders are staying in oakland at least for one more year. they also have options for the 2017 and '18 seasons.
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vic lee will have a live report on the deal, including reaction from davis coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00. >> so let's turn to the weather now. we have a live look outside and take a peek at the conditions. this is a look from the east bay hills here. spencer christian joins us now with the accuweather update. >> it's hard not to like this weather. despite the fact that we really need a lot of rain and there doesn't seem to be much coming our way any time soon. we have mostly sunny skies, high clouds around. we also have a beach hazard statement, high surf advisory in effect until saturday. wave heights are rising and sneaker waves and rip currents may develop. beach erosion is also a possibility. these winds are very inviting to the skillful and courageous surfers who will participate at the mavericks invitational. partly cloudy to mainy sunny,
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about 54 at 8:00 in the morning and the big breakers, 20 to 30 feet. here's a look at conditions at the golden gate bridge. partly cloudy skies continuing through the evening and overnight. tomorrow, mostly sunny, mild once again, highs from the low to mid 60s at the coast to low 70s inland. i'll show you when we might expect the next rainfall. >> thank you, spencer. the discovery of human remains has police in gilroy treating it as a possible homicide. >> matt keller has the latest. >> reporter: human remains were found by pg&e contractor workers. investigators could not tell if the bones were from a male or female. immediately thoughts of teen sierra lamar came to mind. but evidence found make it unlikely. >> there was a gold cap or gold
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colored cap on the body. >> reporter: sierra did not have a gold cap on her teeth. she went missing in 2012 walking to her bus stop. the trial of her kidnapper is scheduled to start in april. >> we still have hope, and we're never going to give up looking for sierra. >> reporter: the remains will be removed and dna testing will be done. it should take a week before investigators get the results back. matt keller, "abc7 news." new pedestrian cross walk signals are being installed at a san francisco intersection. it was the site of a deadly accident involving a pedestrian and a tour bus last month. the installation is part of a city project to make the streets safer. a spokesperson says the new
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signals were supposed to be installed at the intersection even before the death of 82-year-old peter roll. the city of berkeley released a point showing one in five balconies and other outdoor structures needs repairs. this follows the collapse of a balcony in june. 400 balconies in the city need to be repaired for replaced. new recommendations call for inspections every three years instead of five. still ahead, top surfers from around the world are converging on the bay area. we'll have a look at the competition and how you can watch it. b.a.r.t. is putting and end to sports fans trying to get free parking at the coliseum. and concerns over safety
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this is "abc7 news." top surfers from around the world are heading to the bay area to challenge those giant waves at mavericks. the world famous surf competition is set for tomorrow. wayne freedman joins us live with a preview. >> reporter: good afternoon. they're coming in from all around the world, as far away as london, some from south africa. they got the word with less than 48 hours to get to the bay area. some of them left their surf boards at home. they're having new surf boards made for them. lit be the center of the surfing universe tomorrow. the recommendation from people in the know, don't even try to
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view this event up close. you will not be successful. >> most people, if they really knew what they could say, even if they got all the way down there, wouldn't bother doing it. >> reporter: that is zach, who surfed in every mavericks competition since it began in 1999. the biggest difference, no spectators allowed. >> we're discouraging anybody, because we don't want to talk about families about what happened to their loved ones. >> reporter: tomorrow's waves are also dangerous to watch, so fans are urged to watch on a feed we intend to link on the wipeouts more fun to watch than experience we're told. >> it's the worst beating of your life. it feels like you're in the biggest washing machine ever, you're going every which way. and after it's all said and done, you're 20, 25 feet down with little air. >> reporter: and as we come back live, you're looking at the surf
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which just in the last hour has finally begun to build as predicted. they expect this surf to be very good by about 8:30 tomorrow morning. that's when it will hurt. they're saying 20 to 40 foot faces on those waves. and those waves should peak at around 1:30 in the afternoon. but again, to stress again, if you think you're going to come down to villa point and stand on a bluff or on the beach and watch those waves and watch those surfers, it is not going to happen. the best bet is to watch the closed circuit feed or go to the area, go to one of the bars or restaurants. they'll have it on television there. but they won't have a repeat of what happened in 2010 when big waves watched in and 13 people were injured. big waves, big surf and you get big problems. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." some of major league soccer's biggest names will face off in san jose this july. the league announced this afternoon that english soccer
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heavyweight arsenal sc will face off with the mls all-stars on july 28. arsenal, 13-time champs at the top flight of english soccer. san jose last hosted the classic in 2001. another sports note, i'm going to be reporting live from the nba all-star game in toronto this weekend. i just checked. on saturday, the low is minus 8. the high, the high temperature is 0. so most of my reports will be from inside the hotel room. i'll be live saturday and sunday on "abc7 news" and follow me on twitter. >> you'll have a good time. the last remnants of super bowl city were carried away today. "abc7 news" was along san francisco's embarcadero as workers picked up the few remaining barriers. the embarcadero will likely reopen to traffic tonight possibly at 8:00. the street vendors pushed out to
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make way for super bowl city returned today. >> caltrans received approval to spend $150 million to remove the eastern span of the bay bridge. "abc7 news" was in oakland as engineers presented their plan to a budgetary oversight panel. this is a two-step process. the cage-like trusses are slowly lowered into the water and taken away and the piers are imploded like we saw last fall. >> this is really about the big picture, how we will continue to move forward with the demolition, moving toward the oakland shore and we're very excited, because there's a great deal of planning. >> this process will take about three years. the plan is to remove two more piers this year. for years, some fans attending sporting events have been enjoying a poorly kept secret. they can park for much less at the b.a.r.t. station. but b.a.r.t. says no more. >> today, the b.a.r.t. board
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voted for a new fee structure at the coliseum lot. parking will cost from $7 to $30 depending on how many people are expected. it will vary game by game. but b.a.r.t. says its price will still be lower than the arena parking. >> the fee is determined based on the ability to preserve parking spaces for our patrons. so at the raider game, we charge $20. it's $35 across the street. >> if you park at the lot to ride b.a.r.t., you would pay regular parking fees. the board approved higher fines for parking violations. the fine for parking in a permitted spot will jump from $40 to $75. let's get a check of the forecast. spencer christian here with the accuweather forecast. the valentine's forecast, as well. >> it's one i think you will love. a very pleasant, mild weekend.
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great weekend for getting outdoors and enjoying the weekend. here's a look at doppler radar. mostly sunny skies and this will remaining with us through the weekend. a little cool over the next day or two, but getting warmer. this is looking northward over the golden xwat. slightly cooler tomorrow and saturday. turning warmer sunday, valentine's day. dry, though, until about the middle of next week when rain might return. we'll give you a lock ok at than the moment. this is back in december when we had this sea surface warming along the pacific, that we call el nino. now that sea surface warming is less expansive. el nino is weakening now. as a matter of fact, it's expected to fade by late spring and its impact on bay area rainfall is uncertain at the moment. i'm pretty certain that we need some rain, though. next week, around wednesday or
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so into thursday, the next wave of rain may come through. at the moment, it's hard to say how much we'll get. it doesn't look like a strong system. so a weak storm at best is what seems to be shaping up so far. overnight, partly cloudy conditions with lows mainly in the mid to upper 40s. then tomorrow, partly cloudy to mainy sunny skies. mild again with the highs in the 60s at the coast. upper 60s to near 70 around the bay. and some low 70s in the mildest inland locations. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooling down a bit on saturday. notice the temperatures bouncing back to mid 70s on sunday, valentine's day. even milder or warmer on monday, with highs into the mid to upper 70s. we'll have a sharp cooldown on wednesday. that's the best chance of rain. we're ranking this storm one on the impact scale. we rank all the storms this winter one through five, one being the lightest storm and five being the most severe.
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this looks like it will be a life storm, but we'll take whatever it brings because we need the rain. thursday next week, partly cloudy and relatively cool. >> spencer, thank you. up next, criminal charges filed against the producers of the new "star wars" movie. and in honor of black history month, we celebrate the people making a difference where you live. today we recognize san jose's billy defrank lbgt community center and his namesake. that's the namesake of william price, renowned for charity work and activism. learn more on our bay area instagram feed.
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british health authorities filed charges today against the producers of "star wars" over an onset accident in which harrison ford broke his leg. an emergency crew airlifted ford to a hospital after he was hit by a hydraulic door during
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filming near london in june of 2014. britain's health and safety executive today charged the company with four breaches of workplace health and safety laws. the production company is a subsidiary of the disney company which owns abc 7. it is a big night here with the return of "scandal." the entire cast appeared on "good morning today." washington refused to give away any hints about what might happen tonight but she did shed light on the show's characters. >> everybody is still struggling. that to me is what the show is about, everybody is really trying to be their best version of themselves. >> well, not everybody. >> trying. >> the big lineup kicks off at 8:00 with "gray's anatomy."
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nobody survives a fall from that high up. >> he did. window washer pedro perez survived an astonishing fall in 2014. see his interview tonight on "abc7 news" at 11:00. "abc7 news" continues. a tense end that long standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge. we'll show you how it ended. relief for hundreds of passengers off that cruise ship that hit rough seas. their horrifying journey did end when the ship came in. and isis now forever linked to islamic extremist. now one bay area company is forced to change its name.
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four score and seven years ago, our [train horn blares]th-- ... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: why not celebrate presidents day with a better night's sleep? through presidents day at sleep train
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get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." here are the headlines as we approach 4:30. the richmond police department is mourning the loss of one of its own. off duty officer gus vegas was killed at his home in vallejo. 30-year-old robert vega is the father of officer vegas' grandson. he was with the department 15 years. he leaves behind 10 children and 20 grandchildren.
4:30 pm
melanie woodrow spoke with close friends of the officer. at 5:00, she'll have more on the man they say was so key in helping rebuild his community. president obama has wrapped up his brief visit to the bay area. david was following his trip and he'll show you how neighbors reacted to having a presidential visit on their vote. after more than a month at that standoff in oregon, it's finally over. the remaining occupiers turning themselves in peacefully to authorities today after a chaotic and emotional showdown. brand brandi hit has the latest. >> reporter: a tense ending. first, three of the final four occupiers turned themselves in after negotiating with federal agents. their surrender playing out over a live streamed phone call. >> it looks like they got guns pointing at us. >> are they being gentle?
4:31 pm
>> yeah. >> reporter: the nevada assembly woman also stepping in. >> i'm here with you. >> reporter: over the phones, the rancher's wives pleaded with them. >> they cannot fire upon you with the world watching. >> reporter: they're demanding the federal government turn of public lands to local control. last month, the leaders were arrested during a traffic spot. lavoy finicum was not and killed after a police chase. investigators say he reached for a gun. after another hour of negotiations, the final manholed up gave up peacefully. all four are set to appear in court tomorrow. agents also arrested the father of one of the occupation leaders on charges tied to a different government standoff two years ago.
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brandi hitt, "abc7 news," los angeles. a fight between rival drug cartels is being blamed for a prison riot in mexico. at least 52 people are dead and another 12 injured. officials say the clash began shortly before midnight when several prisoners set fire to the food storage and sleeping areas. it's not clear how the victims died, but officials did say there was no gunfire. authorities in georgia today indicted more than 40 state prison guards and officers on charges of accepting bribes and drug trafficking. it's the result of an fbi sting, part of an effort to crack down on contraband and criminal activity. about 130 people have been indicted since september. the family of a 12-year-old boy that was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer will not have to repay the city for ambulance and medical services. the lawsuit to recoup $500 from the family of tamir rice had
4:33 pm
been generated automatically and they were withdrawing that claim. >> we apologize to the tamir rice family for any additional pain or suffering that this may have caused them. >> rice was shot and killed by a white officer in november of 2014 while playing with a pellet gun outside of a recreation center. in december, a grand jury declined to indict the officer who believed that gun was real. the rice family learned of the lawsuit yesterday and the lawyers condemned the city's demand. at four days at sea cruise ship is back in port. some passengers say it was the scare of their lives. marci gonzalez has their story. >> reporter: rarely is anyone this happy for a vacation to be over. >> happy to be alive. >> reporter: royal caribbean's anthem of the seas now docked in new jersey after this.
4:34 pm
>> oh, my god. >> reporter: despite severe storm warnings in the forecast, the ship cruised right into the storm. the third largest cruise liner in the world pounded by 30-foot waves. >> it's coming above the window and it was like we were in an aquarium. >> reporter: with wind gusts topping 100 miles per hour. >> we were on a roller coaster for 17 hours in your room, not even tied down. never again. >> reporter: today, cruise officials are apologizing. >> we couldn't be sorrier about what happened. we already know we're going to make changes to provide more guidance, more oversight. >> reporter: but that brings little comfort to many of the 4500 passengers, including those spending another night on board, with the ship docked a day early, some had nowhere else to go. [ inaudible ]
4:35 pm
>> reporter: a lot of frustration. the passengers are being reimbursed and given a 50% discount on a future cruise. but some are questioning whether they'll want to get back on the water any time soon. marci gonzalez, "abc7 news," new york. we have some developing news out of new jersey. crews are on the scene of a massive fire at an industrial park. it began just after noon at veterans industrial park at hillsboro. that park contains warehouses. no word of injuries. democratic presidential front-runner bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off again tonight. the first time since today's new hampshire primary. tonight's debate in milwaukee will be critical for the candidates, especially clinton, who will need to stop sanders' momentum. sanders beat clinton by more than 20 points in new hampshire, even after a big win, sanders admits he has a lot of work to do before the nevada caucus and south carolina primary. >> if the election were tomorrow, do you think you could win south carolina and nevada?
4:36 pm
>> no. fortunately for us, the election is not tomorrow. >> on the republican side, jeb bush confirms his brother, former president george w. bush will join him on the campaign trail. jeb bush came in fourth in new hampshire mind gop front-runner donald trump. still to come, a major scientific discovery. this is compared to the moment that galileo used a telescope to look at the planets. we'll tell you what scientists found in space. looking westward from our camera, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. all of our neighborhoods. i'll have the forecast coming up. we're taking a look at our traffic. this is 101 through san rafael. that's your traffic approaching san francisco. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a good samaritan got a leg up on a fleeing suspect in the uk. this shows officers in pursuit of the suspected drug dealer, when right there you saw it, a bystander stuck out his leg and tripped the man. police are now looking to thank him. the suspect has been charged and may be facing another trip. this one, wait for it, to the big house. take a look at this. a little girl was enjoying a day playing with a friendly sea lion at the national zoo in
4:40 pm
washington, d.c. there she is now in the little blue dress, running along the tank with the sea lion. at one point she tripped and the sea lion immediately stopped and looked, appeared to show concern as she was down on the floor. the little girl was okay. >> good stuff right there. uc berkeley sophomore will xoet in the final round of college championship. >> she beat out a contestant from stanford earlier this week. the final round starts tonight. you can watch it here on abc 7 right after "abc7 news" at 6:00. spencer christian is good at jeopardy. he knows virtually everything. >> that's true. >> except the weather. >> we don't know how to get rid of those bugs buzzing me out
4:41 pm
here. i can't wait for sandhya to come out here and deal with them. >> he's so kind, too. >> more's a live look at doppler 7 hd. no bugs on the radar screen, just a few cloud s under mild conditions. tomorrow, continues to be warm in the 80s from l.a. to palm springs. upper 60s to near 70 around the bay and inland. down at pebble beach tomorrow, round two of the at&t pebble beach golf tournament. today, a cool start with an 8:00 a.m. temperature at 52 but mid 60s in the afternoon as it becomes sunnier and obviously a bit milder. what are our rain chances over the next seven days? tomorrow through monday, not much oh of a chance of rain at all. by the way, lovely weather through valentine weekend. but today, just about a 20% chance, bumping up to about 60%
4:42 pm
next wednesday and 10% next thursday. so if you're looking for rain, wednesday is probably the best bet. at least that's how things are shaping up. yes, i do love jeopardy. >> all right. still ahead on "abc7 news," searching for a cure. the effort to fight the zika virus here in the u.s. and whole foods is known for its wholesome, healthy foods. but soon you'll be able to get something very unusual at your local store. and if you're looking for a date this valentine's day, no problem.
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this is "abc7 news." >> a top u.s. health official says clinical trials on a zika vaccine could begin as early as this summer. the director of the national institutes of allergies and infectious diseases said developing a safe and effective vaccine is the top priority. the head of the cdc testified
4:46 pm
today saying they're learning something new about the virus every day. >> the most important thing for americans to know is if you're pregnant, it's better not to travel to a place where zika is spreading. and if you're pregnant in a place where zika is spreading, do everything to protect yourself against mosquito bites. >> there are 66 confirmed cases of the zika virus, including one in northern california. transmission occurs when an infected mosquito bites a person. how super are those super foods? >> here's jane king. >> organic food sales set to double by 2018. but that's not enough to feed the world. feeding 9 to 10 billion people while protecting the environment is a daunting task. a blend of organic and traditional farming is needed.
4:47 pm
and foods that pack large doses of vitamins and minerals are promot promoted as super foods but there aren't many studies backing up those claims. and nike has glasses that have a lot of technology. they conform to the shape of a runner's face, prevent fogging and can lock in on a moving target assessing distance. here's to your health. tomorrow, students at schools across the country will be encouraged to eat together. it's national no one eats alone day. it's a program that began four years ago in an effort to battle bullying. this is video from last year in san francisco. tomorrow, dozens of bay area schools are expected to participate. it turns out einstein was right 100 years ago.
4:48 pm
today, physicists announced the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in space-time, first anticipated by einstein. the announcement from cal tech and m.i.t. scientists is the climax of a century of speculation, 50 years of trial and error, and 25 years perfecting a set of super sensitive instruments. it was detected by the collision of two black holes, a billion light years away. scientists say observing gravitational waves, we may be able to understand the fundamental questions of how the world works. a multibillion dollar settlement has been announced. >> michael finney is here with the details. >> where is my money, your money? the government seems to be making money. morgan stanley agreed to pay $3.2 billion to settle charges it misled investors about the quality of its mortgage backed
4:49 pm
securities. the department of justice alleged morgan stanley not only knew the securities were risky, but told staffers to present them as healthy investments. the company is pleased to have finalized the settlements. it comes one year after the company agreed to pay $2.6 billion for its role in the subprime mortgage crisis. attorneys generals from two dozen states are looking to end robocalling by the federal government. last year, congress passed an emergency spending bill that included authorization for the federal government to make auto dial debt collection robocalls. all other private and public entities are prohibited from doing that. the trip to whole foods market might mean buying kale or a tattoo. a tattoo parlor could be included in the new 365 stores. whole food brands of groceries
4:50 pm
and feature outside vendors who cater to millennials. the company suggested it might include record stores, even tattoo artists. >> perfect night out. if you don't have a valentine's date, no problem. how about a little pillow talk with fabio. >> hello, gorgeous, i'm glad you could make it. i'm just waiting for your instagram and i really like your photos. [ laughter ] >> not creepy at all. >> he's just full of compliments. the italian fashion model is promising his undivided attention. hello, gorgeous. he's prepared a lovely evening for you, ama. >> perfect. >> thanks to hallmark streaming
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video. there's some cheesy music, champagne, i love the kittens. >> i think the kittens got me, really. but here's the best part. he's going to ask how your date went. this is the best part, he will smile and nod. >> and not speak. some are suggesting that's what i should do tonight. what are you doing around 7:15? here's a chance to ask me anything. i know that's not a big sell. >> oh, come on. >> you can join me, just put your dinner plans on hold. what could be better than this at 7:15, as i answer your questions live at ask me anything about ama or finney. finney's tattoos could be topic one. submit your questions. social media, use the #abc7now. there's no calling. >> don't call. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. up next, what is in a name?
4:52 pm
well, when it's tied to the terror group isis, a lot. a bay area group named isis says it's had enough. what it's doing to avoid the connection. coming up, a sacramento home engulfed in flames, a helmet camera catches the search for victims and what firefighters actually found. we'll share that with you. also, the renegade representative. why this california lawmaker decided to light up. those
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get up to four years interest-free financing announcer: through presidents day at sleep train, on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, plus same-day delivery. hurry! this special financing offer ends presidents day at sleep train.
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tgit returns tonight at 8:00. there's a new episode of "gray's anatomy" followed by "scandal" followed by "how to get away with murder." concerns over the safety of female employees is prompting one oakland business owner to change a spa's name. >> the skin and body salon is named isis after the egyptian
4:56 pm
goddess of beauty, but it's now synonymous with the terror group isis. >> reporter: people walking down broadway are stopping to snap pictures of this sign, isis, we're changing our name, for obvious reasons. it's funny, but was prompted by serious safety concerns. >> we had to deal with too many bigots. the level of ignorance was unbelievable. >> reporter: the name isis is now associated with ugliness, no longer the egyptian goddess of beauty. >> i have a 7-year-old who can discern between an acronym and a name. >> reporter: the spa owner and employees say not everyone thinks as deeply. >> at first we didn't want to change it because it's been the name for so long. but there was threats to people coming in and people just being really rude walking by >> i would not let our employees be subjected to that. >> reporter: ten years, they
4:57 pm
promised the name change, with the help of their neighbors, hamilton broadway signs. >> he's a wonderful neighbor and great asset to the community. >> it was funny. i thought it was hilarious. >> reporter: the new name means a place of paradise or heaven. somewhere you won't find isis fighters. a gofundme page raised $8,000 for nuns about to be evicted from their home in san francisco. we told you about the tender loin build bring they've been feeding the homeless for eight years. they're fighting eviction. >> that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now. >> this is a huge blow for us. it's a tough loss. >> a police officer is killed.
4:58 pm
beloved by everyone who knew him. what neighbors at the scene say they heard. late today, a big meeting on the future of the oakland raiders. we're live with the deals just reached. plus, waiting to see the president on the peninsula. sometimes a glimpse makes it all worthwhile. >> did you see that? >> yes. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. the forecast includes warmth and wet weather. what you'll see for the weekend, coming up. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> police carry a flag draped casket as officers raise their arms in salute. they are in mourning after one of their own is killed. >> i was with him last night. i'm just in shock. >> and he is veteran richmond police officer gus vegas. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. the killing of the 15-year veteran police officer helped at
4:59 pm
4:30 this morning. police believe it stemmed from a domestic incident involving the officer's grown daughter, a young grandson and the boy's father, the suspect robert vega. the shooting happened at the officer's home in the glenn cove neighborhood. colleagues say officer vegas was likely trying to be peacemaker. >> probably trying to stable a's the situation and be a protector for his daughter and just end the situation peacefully. >> the 30-year-old suspect vega was a 2011 graduate of the napa valley police academy. the officer's wife sand a was hurt when she jumped from a window. >> they are both well known and respected for their nonprofit charity called foster greatness. >> melanie woodrow is live at
5:00 pm
the kaiser hospital in vallejo where sandra vegas is being treated for her injuries. >> reporter: sources say in a moment of gripping fear, officer vegas' wife jumped from the second floor window. friends say at one point there were as many as 60 people inside the hospital praying for this family. >> i'm just still in shock. >> reporter: shock and disbelief for dozens of law enforcement officers and anyone who knows the vegas family. richmond police officer gus vegas shot and killed overnight. not in the line of duty but in a domestic dispute. his daughter's boyfriend and father of their 6-year-old, robert vega, now in police custody. both are napa valley basic academy graduates. >> when something happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. >> reporter: richmond's police officer association's president


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